Listen Within

Listen Within

 Listen Within

 There is a voice within .... listen!

Listening within is one of the most important things you can do in your life. Listen within to the voice of God or some will call it the 6th sense. You are connecting within with your origin, which is God. It happens through your spiritual heart. It is also called your intuition, an inner gut feeling. After my first contact with God, I knew in my heart that this was the most important step in a human's life to 're-connect' with God through there. I have used that ability for many years now and it works. You are born with the ability to connect with Him, but while growing up you got away from your inner source because of outer influences. You just need to want it with all your heart to connect with God again and He will meet you in your endeavor to do so. 

We ought to use our intuition throughout all challenges of life. By doing so, we would overcome our challenges much easier, even though, they seemed hard to handle at first. Initially, errors will occur but if you try to avoid the interference from your ego while searching inward for an answer, you will be divinely guided. This will be easier and easier for you and over time you will learn to trust your ability.

To learn to trust your intuition is an art form, and as well as for other art forms it requires practice to master it. Our intuition is God's voice – our conscience – the sixth sense. To learn to master your intuition is not something you learn from one day to another.

An important step towards apprehending and following your intuition is to regularly turn your conscience inwards. Use the direct line from your heart to call on Him. Ask for help and guidance to reach contact with Him. We may ask God for everything; He is your best friend and He wants to help you.

The answer to our prayers may come in many forms such as words, pictures, or a feeling of certainty in your case – without being able to logically explain this. You may even be guided to an outer source; a friend, a book, or a teacher who will explain just what it is that we need to know. He comes in one form or the other and often when we least expect it. All we need to remember is to surrender to His will when we put the question to Him. To avoid falling into the trap of our desire for material things we ought to focus on the needs of other human beings. If we have a prayer to God regarding our own needs – we must try to remember to end the prayer with the phrase: “Thy Will be done”. There are many wishes in this world but if we want to ensure a life in peace and love, we must learn to realize that it is our ego that leads our life into sorrow and pain, and understand that it is the inner Divine guide, that secures us peace, satisfaction in life and love. We need to put a limit on our desires.

Our body is a valuable partner when we want to learn to follow our inner voice. When it is hurting, not feeling well, or when certain feelings arouse in a certain situation, it is usually a sign that we should turn our attention inwards to find out why our body is struggling. Maybe the situation ought to have been tackled in a completely different manner than what we expected. Ask yourself what you need to focus on. You do not have to be entirely perfect to be able to receive the Divine energy. You are perfect on the inside already.

Initially, doubt is very likely to occur when you are developing the abilities of your spiritual heart. Is it my ego that I feel or is it God's voice I hear in my heart? We must surrender our doubts to God and just listen. We may ask ourselves if the goal we are pursuing is filled with love, humanity, and peace or if it only concerns personal gain. It is an art form to learn to listen to the inner voice and act upon it even if the risk is to go against common sense, common standards, and the expectations of others. These problems will disappear over time.

When you communicate with God, you may try to imagine a golden heart which is an open door. In the middle of the heart is God – appearing in the shape that you have chosen Him to appear in; ready to answer all your questions. Remember to always say: “Thy Will be done” whenever you ask Him a question. Await His answer and thank Him reverently for His advice and guidance; then leave the heart again. Realize that we can find Him and contact Him right there in the heart at any time.

Can this communication take place everywhere? My answer is yes – yes, yes, and yes again. It does not matter where you are. God can be contacted everywhere at any time. However, sometimes you need silence around you, especially, if you are constantly disturbed by outside things and questions. For this reason, now and again I choose to go by myself when I need a long conversation with Him.

Do we need to be in a trance or another sort of meditative state of mind to talk to God? Some prefer deep silence and meditation or trance to contact God. But I say that you may contact God at any time – whether you are walking in the street, cooking or cleaning, shopping, flying or driving, or even talking to other people, etc. This is how I do myself. No matter where I am and what I am doing, if I have a question, I ask God immediately and receive a prompt reply.

This one I will share with you is about an attack I avoided by listening within.

When you are standing in a very unpleasant situation and demand an answer immediately pray to God right away! He might interfere directly in that situation. Let me in short try to explain this experience:

“Often I did my shopping close to my work but it also meant that I had to carry the bags full of groceries through the city to reach my bus.

It was a late sunny afternoon. I was off duty and was now facing the trip across the city with four bags filled with groceries when for the first time I experienced that my heart began to sing. 

Not a word came out of my mouth but the heart sang. I felt a peace and love that words could not express but then I got a hunch that something terrible ahead was coming towards me. My heart sang the song about God's Love and the Power of the universe, and the song became stronger the closer I got to the street that I had to go through to reach my bus. I felt an inner strength growing to undreamt-of heights and the strength to lift the four heavy bags without difficulties. At the same time came a consciousness telling me about the coming situation that would be. I was about to become a victim of an assault. At that moment I stopped and thought ‘What?’, but I continued my walk because I knew that it was God singing in my heart and knew that He protected me from whatever was coming. A feeling of safety within me arose, filling me up totally. I knew I wouldn't have had the chance to get away and avoid the assault because I couldn't defend myself while carrying the filled bags.

At that point, the love was waving very powerfully through me and I almost felt like floating. Then I saw the two assailants coming towards me. They'd bothered two other women in front of me on each side of the street but passed them as soon as they saw me. Just as I realized that I was about to be alone with the two men the love in my heart sang with its full strength. I knew instinctively that I had to stare the man in the eyes that came right towards me and hold on to it. I felt as though I was glowing by the force of the light and love at that moment. The song in my heart was deafening. Love just poured out of my heart towards him when he was less than one meter away from me. Straight away, his eyes moved towards the ground and he hurried passed me and didn't touch me at all. The other one flew over to him and yelled at him: ‘Take that bitch - damn you.’ But he just kept on saying: ‘No, I don't touch her. That one we must leave alone. I just won't touch her.’ From the corner of my eye, I saw that he pulled himself away from the firm grip the other one had on his jacket and then just walked on with his head bent down to the ground.

Calmly I walked on and then slowly the song began to stop the closer I got to the bus stop. I was now safe from my assailants. And in addition, since then I met one of the assailants, the one who bends his head to avoid looking into my eyes and now he kindly and politely says hello. One day we had a conversation on the bus. He told me that he had started a new life away from crime and violence. That was a beautiful ending to the story”

You need to learn to turn your mind inward and trust the intuition that we all possess. If we do this, we can gather all the knowledge and wisdom we need. The next step is to learn to gradually trust the inner guidance we receive as we learn to address God. At the same time listen to the answers He gives us when we address Him and avoid mixing them with our egos. It is vital to avoid the confusion of the ego. Unfortunately, the truth may be distorted and we may risk missing important information or having it twisted to fit our fantasy images. It is a frail balance but you will learn it over time.

God presents Himself in many different aspects of your everyday life – in a smile, basic gratitude of being, and incidents directly related to your faith in God, your fellow man, and nature. I hope that you will be inspired by these and become more aware of the wonderful help from your inner guidance.