God-Related Dreams

God Related Dreams

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Inspirational God-related dream experiences

Dreams are the perfect way to hear from God. When you are dreaming, you are quiet, so you can’t ignore Him. You are not easily distracted when you sleep. You’re all ears for about 7-8 hours every night. The Lord will bring His dreams to your remembrance.

The message of a God-dream will always reflect God’s nature and heart as revealed in the Lord. God’s words will bring peace and understanding.

God uses our dreams and visions to bring instruction to deal with problems, understanding of a situation, solution, peace, and love. God not only opens our ears but also seals instruction through our dreams so that we are notified of what we are doing wrong. We can learn a lot through these instructions. We just have to be open to listening to what He is saying.

Dreams are produced through our subconscious minds.

God appearing in dreams is very auspicious. Dreams are the reflection, reaction, and resound of that which is within you. God appears in dreams only when He will it and not when you want. No person can dream of God unless God Himself desires it to be so. If you dream of Him, it's because He decides you can and not because of your subconscious mind.

Well, not long ago I asked God to show Himself to me and clarify something in my life and He did. He came into my dream the very same night I asked for His help and clarified the issues I had.

So, dreams which are willed by God are very clear and give no room for confusion or doubt.

Examples of dreams with God

Now follows a bouquet of dreams I have had so far with God present in them:


  • The Road to God
  • Jesus and Paradise
  • The Universal Library
  • On the football field
  • Wake-up call


One night I had this unique dream:

 The Road to God

I could not see God with the naked eye, and He stood by my side and filled me with awe and humility. He spoke loud and clear, while I concentrated on what He showed me. When he spoke to me, I became even more humble and bowed my head. He said things are very affectionate, in a fixed and definite way, which showed a very strong authority. He showed me the way I had to walk in this life and how life would end.

In front of my feet was a long slightly twisted path that ended up among the mountains in the sky. Beside the road, there were holes, which contained things and actions that I should avoid in this life. He said directly that I could not fall into these holes in this life. One hole provided fornication. The other was about slander and gossip. The two main holes. The third, fourth, and fifth were indistinct and insignificant. The idea that He showed this was that I had to keep away from these two holes and stay on the road with good morale throughout this life. 

A good upbringing meant that I avoided the hole of fornication. It has also partially helped me around the hole with slander and gossip, but I have to do more work here. It has been the biggest challenge because I have met people, I had to fight with love to get away from gossip and very ugly slander of others. One could even fall into the trap. It is unpleasant to feel that it can be so easy to slip into these ugly ideas. 

The dream ends with God showing me where the road ends if I live with good behavior and always maintain good morals and ethics in mind and heart.

Jesus and Paradise

The next experience made a huge impression on me because it is simply indescribably beautiful. It tells the story of my transformation in this life and it involves Jesus. The entire vision was there for approx. 20 seconds, but felt like much more. 

It was like a movie and it began with Jesus asking me to follow Him and suddenly we stood in front of the entrance to Paradise. He turned towards me and said in a very kind voice: ‘You are welcome to enter now if you like.’ I stood with my mouth wide open. I couldn’t grasp what He was telling me. I had to just swallow a lump in my throat. I looked at the entrance to Paradise and saw how beautiful and bright it was there.

While I was writing this, Jesus appeared beside me and again encountered this quite wonderful glow in my heart. To the right of Paradise, there was placed a desert. I stood there for a while wondering about it all. Then I turned to Jesus and said: ‘I choose the desert. I have to walk that path before I return home.’ It felt unusually important for me to do this. Jesus replied ‘Ok’ and smiled at me and then he was gone. 

I found myself standing in the desert with a glass of water in my hand. In the water, there was a spider. I was looking at it for a short while when suddenly from above came a huge thick stream of water from the sky that hit the glass with such force that I nearly dropped it. The water washed the spider out of the glass. 

Today I know that the spider was a symbol of the mind. The spider spins its net and we all know how strong the cobweb is. You have to rip it apart to destroy it. The mind must be raveled up. The water removed all the obstacles in the mind so the mind was pure again. 

The spider wandered off into the desert away from me. It left only small footprints behind in the sand. Then I transformed into a golden white eagle and took off from the ground. I was flying in the air. The eagle stands for wisdom and I was the eagle. I suddenly understood everything.

 I landed again as the Heidi-body in a lush mountainous area where there were many trees and shrubs and in the middle of it all a beautiful green lake. Several small waterfalls were coming down from the sheer rock on the other side of the lake. The sun shone, while I stood and enjoyed the beautiful sight. 

On my right side, there was a bough on which there was sitting a monkey who was about to eat a banana. The monkey started to jump around and do tricks. I thought immediately of my mind because I also compare monkey tricks with the activity that often takes place in my mind. Suddenly the monkey was gone and I knew instinctively that my monkey mind was removed.

Then I found myself standing under the water in the lake, pretty surprised that I could breathe underwater. However, I was not afraid. I was filled with inner peace and in front of me popped up now small sentences, one after another, with divine messages. I turned to the left. Against me came the most wonderful rose-pink energy. It was the all-encompassing divine love; it was the unconditional universal Love; the merging with God.

One of the physical proofs that God had been present in my dream

The Universal Library

I dreamt that I “appeared” in a huge library that was covered with books from ceiling to floor. My ego which was represented by a troll in this vision was nicely placed just outside the library. Only my soul was allowed to enter the library. In front of me, I now saw a floating being – it was able to transform itself into a creature or a human body to avoid frightening anyone. The floating being transformed itself into a human. It turned out as a man that reminded me of an Englishman with all his characteristic English traits, even though he was dark-skinned. He had the most handsome purple eyes I have ever seen – and I have never seen purple eyes before. I knew that this incident that went on before me was unique. (It was suddenly clear to me that the colors of the purple eyes represent the omnipresent unconditional love and then I realized why I had been so attracted to these eyes – because I am attracted to God's love. It was God Himself).

He asked me about my mission and I answered that I was interested to know about my future. “Oh,” He answered “Is that all” as if it was the simplest thing in the world. Today I know that is very simple. Here I was – in a place where I would be able to dwell on all the knowledge of the universe that I could ever imagine. The riddle of the Universe – the mysteries of the sun, death … everything, and then all I can imagine asking about is my future which in the Universe timeline is only a few seconds. He showed me to a shelf on which were only three thick bonded books beautifully carved in a brown velvety material. I can only try to describe them. This was what they made me think of – because they were made from a material I do not know of from our physical world. The Englishman opened the first book. The paper was golden white with golden edges, but – with no text on the pages. All the pages were completely blank. All and nothing. I wondered and I was speechless. What did this mean? Did I have no future? Thoughts were racing through my mind. Today I understand that we are the Creation ourselves – every one of us and that we can create our future as soon as we are fully conscious of this. After having shown me the books he lifted me in the air in a horizontal position and created a lot of energy waves which he sent through my body from head to foot several times in a row. It was a radical purification. When it was over I landed on the floor again and he re-transformed himself to the floating conscience and said “So long”. I went back to my ego which was awaiting me outside the door and then I woke up in my bed.

I was completely dizzy. Where had I been? I realized that I had been at the Library of the Universe. Suddenly I heard a bump in the living room. I tumbled out of bed and walked into the apartment corridor and was about to enter the living room when I was struck by the sight that met me. My husband heard it too and asked what it was that had fallen on the floor.  On the floor were three books that had fallen from my bookshelf. Wow, I thought. What was this? To begin with, I did not believe my eyes. I told my husband what had happened. He too was stunned by it all. I had told him about my dream only a few minutes before the books fell to the floor in the living room. I had to make sure that I told him before entering the living room as proof of what had happened. He got out of bed too to see for himself as well. I stepped into the living room and moved toward the books on the floor. As I walked, I started to realize what had happened. I had been to the Library of the Universe. The subjects of the three books were all about heaven and earth in the spiritual sense. They were about everything related to God.

On the football field

One night I had a very intense dream. I was standing in a very well-known sports arena in my town. I played handball, soccer, and badminton and to gather all this exercise in one sport I chose martial art – karate. However, I suffered a paresis and had to quit all kinds of sports – otherwise, I might have ended up in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

In my dream, I was standing at the soccer field and it was a pitch-black night. I was only able to faintly see the silhouettes of the fields, which were hedges, the goal, lawns, and the clubhouse. The night reflected clearly to me a perfect match with my mind at that exact time of my life. I felt alone. I looked up at the night sky. There were a few silhouettes of clouds drifting over the sky and here and there a star. The clear moon enabled me to distinguish the silhouettes. My feelings overwhelmed me. Was I lost? Was my life dark without any hope left?

Suddenly something completely unexpected and wonderful happened. The night sky above me split in a huge crack and a powerful white light blazed through it and lit up the entire scene. It was a breathtaking sight and I was speechless. Angels were descending and they looked at me lovingly and sang in completely beautiful voices. My heart vibrated from their singing and everything inside me bubbled with joy. As they neared me, a very large voluminous hand reached out of the crack and stretched out to me. I knew instantly that it was God offering me his helping hand and offering me the knowledge that I would never be alone. He would always be a part of me and by my side. I was in tears out of happiness. What certainty! Then the dream ended and it put a stop to my miserable mind.

Wake-up call

Before I had the wake-up call dream, I had suffered from severe pain coming from my liver and kidney over a long period and at the same time I was very dizzy. I was concerned about my health and went down with stress in the same period. That happened in August 2019. 

One night I had a terrible dream. Later, it turned out to be a wake-up call from God to me, to be aware of my health and not work so hard.

To dream about death is not funny at all. I saw Death standing in front of me with his back towards me pointing his finger to something red. Everything was red in front of him and I suddenly understood that it was about my blood sugar. I am a diabetic type 2. I ‘flew’ out of the dream and was really in shock. Immediately I talked to God about the dream; what it was all about and what to do about it. He said lovingly: ’Heidi’ ’Vibuthi’. Of course, I thought. Vibuthi has saved my life before. God had been present in my dream as Death Himself. It is not the first time He has presented Himself as Death. When saving my son from death, He did the same thing.

In the morning I measured the blood sugar level and yes, it was way too high. Immediately I did what needed to be done to get my blood sugar level to lower its values again.  My blood sugar is now lowering and my liver and kidney do not hurt anymore.