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Why do I want you to share your experiences with me and the world?

.......... because it will inspire others on their path of spiritual development. Together we will reach the same goal. We are walking on the same Kings road towards our origin, which is God. 

.......... because someone might be out there who is in doubt of his/hers feelings and experiences and by showing them that we all have experienced, maybe even similar to this, they too will become a light beam for others on their path of spiritual enlightenment. 

Please share your experiences and enlighten the path for everyone. It is ok to post as anonymous as well.

Experiences from readers of the books/guests  visiting this website:

Experience number X:



Date published:



Experience number 17:


Name: Author Heidi Elisabeth Hansen

Date published: 24 April 2021


I came to witness something unique through the top of my bedroom window and the camera was this time in my living room.

What I saw, was a white small triangle flying towards me and suddenly it came to a full stop. I just starred at it. Then suddenly it went vertical and flew 90 degrees to the right. I need to state that it was a clear blue sky, no clouds what so ever close by. When it started to fly to the right out of nowhere a ring looking like a white cloud with blue sky in the middle of it turned up. What was that, I thought to myself. And into the ring the craft flew very slowly and halfway in there I could only see half the craft...the other part was invisible and then it disappeared and so did the 'cloud' ring. I ran into my living room looking towards the sky hoping to capture something on camera, but it was too late. Again, I have to draw a sketch of it and my son took a picture of my drawing to share with you all.

People who do not know me, do not know that I have experienced UAP's/UFO's all my life and witness several together with my sister - first time when we were 4-5 years old at grandma's place, so I am not new to all this and that is why I have written about it as well.

What I have learned from the past and also recently, I have to have everything on need to buy more equipment and make me a rig, so I have a camera ready to use in every room with a view and I also need to write it down immediately, so I remember all facts time and place and year - that goes for all my paranormal/strangeness experiences with God, ghosts, UAP's/UFO's and other entities or paranatural events.

Experience number 16:


Name: Author Heidi Elisabeth Hansen

Date published: 22 April 2021


I now share with you somthing I witnessed this morning at 7 am on the 22 April 2021 through my bathroom window, which I opened up to see it all closely. I do not know what I saw, so I called it UFO's on my is likely more UAP's - unidentified arial phenomena. I was brushing my teeth when I spotted the white/silver one in the distance crossing the sky in a very high first, I thought to myself...this is just a bird....but when I looked up again, it did another round with a very high speed ..I stopped brushing my teeth and was now alert and in awe of what I was witnessing......suddenly, while I was watching that one in the distance, I saw something from the corner of my eye coming in from the left - 4 of them and it was like a -...if you have seen starwars...they way the move when they go to warp speed and they were coming from that speed to a stop right there hanging in the air for a short while....then they began to fly in between themselve while the white/silver one was headding towards the 4 of them after the second round of flying that circle.........when they got close to each other, they flew off in the same direction in a very high speed to the left of me and they were gone...the 4 of them where shining silver like glowing with a red core and a shield that was silver-like and with energy coming from them glowing like small stars. I have written it down on my paper that is attached to this message. I wish I had it on camera, but my camera was in my son's room when all of this happened. Sorry for my lack of skills of the drawing....

Experience number 15:


Name: Author Heidi Elisabeth Hansen

Date published: 30 March 2021


The largets UFO/UAP I have seen so far in my life

This took place Tuesday evening in Copenhagen, Denmark 10:06 pm. I have seen two very large UFOs/UAP's in Slagelse, Denmark when I was 18-20 years old together with my twinsister and her back then boyfriend. But on the 30 March 2021 I saw one that was bigger than those two together. 

You have propoly heard about the phoenix lights that took place a couple of years ago and many people witnessed them. Why I tell you this, is because the one I saw last night looked very much the same in shape with the phoenix lights, just without any lights on it. 

I opened my window and looked at the night sky. It was clear night sky. Suddenly something caught my eye. It was something that moved with a very high speed and gave a kind of blinking light with a tale and poof it was gone. I starred towards that spot the light came from and suddenly above my head there was a really large dark triangle shaped craft without any light on at all, blocking out the stars in the sky. It must have been like 2-3 football fields in size and there was a sound, but you could barely hear it. I tried to catch it on my camera, but it malfunctioned…I tried 7-8 times without any luck. It passed over my roof top and I ran to the other side of my apartment and looked to the sky, but it was gone. I live on the top floor in the building. Some would say it could be a top-secret US surveillance aircraft known as the TR-3A Black Manta.

But what I saw, was for me a UAP – Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. I have seen UFO's/UAP's all my life and has written a book about it as well. 'A life with supernatural events. I saw my first 3 UFO’s, when I was 4-5 years old together with my sister and my grandmother. I was on the radio - Pulse Talk Radio and has shared my UFO stories on there as well the 25 February. So, this is not new to me and I take it very seriously. People who knows me, knows that I do not share stuff like that if it hasn't happened.

It looked like the one in the attached picture in shape, just without any lights on. It was as if there was an energy field around the craft somehow. The picture I reffere to is the drawing of the

phoenix lights. 

A drawing of the object created by witness Tim Ley

Experience number 14:


Name: Author Heidi Elisabeth Hansen

Date published: 24 March 2021


A joint experience related to UFO's/UAP's in two different countries

My dear friend, ufologist Damien John Nott and I experienced something quite unique on the 24 March 2021. In the morning hours in Australia, Damien cauht a green UAP on camera and in Denmark, Copenhagen in the evening, I caught a green UAP on camera. We were both very thrilled to observe this. We are ten hours in time difference. The experience has been registret in the world wide UFO register. We both got goosebumps from it. A shared amazing experience! 

Experience number 13:


Name: Author Heidi Elisbeth Hansen

Date published: 15 February 2021


The sky is an infinite movie to me. I never get tired of looking at what’s happening up there. Sometimes, my son and I are stargazing together. You are looking into the unkown. The stars of the night sky cannot be counted unaided because they are so numerous and there is no way to track which have been counted and which have not. Further complicating the count, fainter stars may appear and disappear depending on exactly where the observer is looking. The result is an impression of an extraordinarily vast star field. When looking to the night sky there is always something going on. When we look at the sky at night time, we are looking for balls of white lights, or orange, green ones etc. Sometimes it is as if we know UFO's are there. Within the last 6 months it is as we get an answer to our question: Are there any UFO's out there? And we actually get back a beacon of white light. Last nigth was no different. We were looking at a plane crossing the sky and way above behind the plane came the beacon light when we asked again, if there were a UFO's out there. It only last for a few seconds, but it is round and all white. It is placed  far out in the Universe. It has made us wonder about it because it has now happen several times and both of us have seen it. 

Experience number 12:


Name: Author Heidi Elisabeth Hansen

Date published: 10 January 2021


An experience with an entity that turned out to be a demon


My energy field is very strong. When I am in contact with God/am aware of God, my soul and my body glow and I can see the light around me. Over the years, I have also attracted dark figures who were drawn towards the light that shines in me. It often happens to people with a bright light shining within them. Sometimes, these confrontations a very powerful and unpleasant.  Lately, the world has been filled with anxiety/fear due to coronavirus. I also wondered a lot about it since I am chronically ill, so my focus too was too much on anxiety and illness and what could happen if I attract the virus. I became aware that my focus on what matters in my life most had changed and that I was focusing on something else other than God.


My attention towards my website disappeared; my conversations with God during the day and the way I usually was in general faded. I began to feel anger, hateful thoughts, had gloomy dreams with darkness in it. I had difficulties even writing on my new book. My energy was lower than ever before and my food was suddenly filled with everything I was not allowed to eat as a diabetic and my blood sugar level went through the roof. Suddenly, the day before yesterday, I had a dream during the night telling me something was wrong. The dream was about me being attended by a nurse and a doctor who were sitting next to me and the nurse took a blood sample from the surface of my hand to measure my blood sugar level. The next morning I measured my own blood sugar level in order to verify the warning from my dream. I was shock by the result. Immediately, I changed my entire diet.  Due to the circumstances, I realized that something dark had managed itself to get through my shield of protection. This was a lesson in always being aware what is going on in my life and keep my focus on God. I am a normal very happy girl and always full of care and love for my fellow human beings, animals, nature etc. That started to change and I became more selfish.


Over the past year and especially the last few months in late 2020, I could feel my health getting worse. I felt that there was a presence that made me constantly look towards the bedroom door, because I felt that someone was standing there in the dark, observing me from a distance. I sensed a rather dark energy and saw silvery shining eyes and began to notice that something was present that drained my energy. I felt tired, confused and when I tried to pray to God, my prayer was interrupted several times. At first, I thought I was probably just too tired, but I was interrupted too often. I had a hard time immersing myself in God and felt I was getting messages that were not from God. A voice kept trying to tell me that I was to get infected by the coronavirus and that I was going to die in 3 days. Luckily, that didn’t happen and God said in my heart that I was protected. God also said, that this is someone trying to whisper in your ears untruth and prevent you from interact with me.  Them I understood…it was a dark force; a demon that has entered my life. Earlier in December, I not only noticed a presence, but several entities standing in the doorway to my bedroom.


(This is not the first time I have encountered this kind of dark energy. I have met the evilest of all evil beings who sat at the end of my bed and woke me up abruptly one night. It tore me out of my sleep and I was sat up straight in my bed. I knew instinctively not to look into the eyes of that entity. Immediately, I prayed to God and just kept doing that over and over again and finally the entity disappeared. The room was full of the love from God, so the entity could not be present in that energy.)

Yesterday, on the 9th of January 2021 I decided with immediate effect to pray with all my heart and focused on God completely. I sat down in front of my computer and found a beautiful video where I could pray to God at the same time. I felt the unconditional all-embracing love from God in every cell of my body when suddenly the entity grabbed hold on my left arm and tried to pull me away from the computer and it said to me: you shall not spend your time praying to God. Stop it! Then I became fully aware that I was in a presence of a demon standing right in front of me.  I felt a very powerful energy coming from within my heart purring out an energy so powerful towards the demon; my voice was so strong telling the demon to leave at once. The demon was completely black and its silver-shining eyes were looking at me. My voice was so powerful when I uttered the next words: Remove yourself from the premises. I belong to God. My faith is God. Go away!! It was the power coming from God, not from me. 


I continued my prayer to God and now I felt a wonderful energy filling up my entire body. The dark thoughts and the heavy feeling in my heart disappeared. It was an unpleasant experience, a wake-up call, and on the same time a good lesson for me in being aware to any change in my personality, my food, my thoughts, actions and to always maintaining focus on God.

Experience number 11:


Name: My amazing friend Damien John Nott from Australia - Lead Researcher / Australian Aerial Phenomena Investigations

Date published: 16 September, 2020


Fractured Realities - A Paranatural Enigma  part 1 - amazing video/documtary regarding UAP/UFO   made by Damien John Nott. You know him from 'Australien Skies' on Netflix. He is the real deal in this matter. Many people across the globe knows him for his amazing observations. TV interviews name it :-) 

Watch the video through here

This documentary is part one of a three part series (the remainder of which is yet to be released) that explores the UFO phenomenon.

  1. Featuring:- Gary John Nott - Retired Bank Manager (Damien's father)
  2. Larraine Cilia - President of UFO & Paranormal Research Society of Australia (UFO-PRSA)
  3. Mike Williams - Fortean Researcher and Author
  4. Damien John Nott - Lead Researcher / Australian Aerial Phenomena Investigations -
  5. Melissa Kennedy - Researcher / Australian Aerial Phenomena Investigations -
  6. Illustrations:- Brett Parrott - Lead Graphic Artist -

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For a little while now he has been working on the second part of his own documentary series 'Fractured Realities' part Two. He is pleased to announce that it will be out just before Christmas this year. If you have not seen part One, please check it out through the links

This documentary he made himself, shows a brief look at his life since he was nine along with witnesses and some of his older photographs and video footage. In Part 2 of Fractured Realities he will be sharing more stories, along with more up to date, never before seen footage and witnesses. Very excited!!!!

Enjoy an amazing documentary part 1 and very soon part 2

Experience number 10:


Name: Author Heidi Elisabeth Hansen

Date published: 5 November 2020


God stood right beside me

Earlier today I was sitting down wondering about my new job and that I hopefully perform greatly and my anxiety about corona as well and how to protect myself while working. I rose up and stood starring out my window and suddenly God stood right beside me. I felt Him and saw Him and everytme it happens, I am overwhelmed. He stood there looking out the window with me for a minut and then turned towards me and said' Don't worry'. I felt calmed ín my heart afterwards. 

Experience number 9:


Name: Author Heidi Elisabeth Hansen

Date published: 5 November 2020


An UAP ( Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena) strange U-shaped object hovering on the horizon the 5 November 2020 at 22.18 PM

Here tonight at approx. 22.18 PM I saw a UFO/UAP again. A black horseshoe-shaped UAP that shone / flamed red hovered not far from where I live. It was the same place where my son and I observed a shiny white UAP back in January 2020. The reason why I discovered it was that I felt an urge to look out the window in my kitchen without turning on lights in there and bingo .... there it was ..... It was very big in size. It hovered for a while and started to move away from me and suddenly it was gone - as if it became invisible. I stood for a long time looking for it where it disappeared. Why do I forget my camera ??? It was also from that direction that we observed a luminous white spherical UAP coming flying at very high speed which changed direction and flew towards the airport. There was no sound and both my son and I stared at it for a long time until we were no longer able follow it with our eyes.

NASA observed something strange on their live ISS feed - a horseshoeshaped UFO appearing to suddenly went down back in April 2016, but that was a glowing blue object that flew too close to the space station. Mine tonight was flaming red. 

Experience number 8:


Name: Author Heidi Elisabeth Hansen

Date published: 2 September 2020


While praying

Yesterday morning on the 1st September 2020 while praying to God, I experience something strange. Beside me was the devil holding his hand on my right shoulder. I froze for a split second but then continued my prayer to my beloved God and then I saw a golden white light shining so beautifully lit up the room. I heard what de devil said to God: You do not get her! She is mine. The golden white light became so bright and beautiful that the devil was removed instantly and thrown out of the room and I felt the Love of God wawering through every cell in my entire body and a feeling of 'I belong to God' was confimed by God. I finished my prayer with an inner feeling of bliss and comfort in the arms of the Lord.  There are stark forces out there, but keep faith in God and no harm will come to you. God protects you. 

Experience number 7:


Name: Author Heidi Elisabeth Hansen

Date published: 2 September 2020


This is an experience with a ghostly figure.

Recently - around a month or so, I was sitting down doing some work on my computer, when I suddenly saw a dark figure in my hallway starring at me with yellow eyes. The energy looking like black smoke whirwling around those yellow eyes. It made a bit uncomfortable, but I wasn' scared. I have seen far more scary ghosts. Suddenly it flew passed me in front of me and sat down next to me on the bed and took its arms around me squizing me very hard. It felt like something was cutting me with something sharp all the way around where the arms where placed. I looked straigt out into the air, because the entity was looking straight at me whishing to get my attention. I became like an ice cold statue, not moving a muscle or even breathe. Due to that, it didn't get what it wanted. It didn't get my attention at all. Then, it finally let go on the squize and left the room leaving me in a bafled moment wondering about who it was and why I had to experience that. It didn't scare me when holding me that close. It was a powerful entity indeed. 

Experience number 6:


Name: Anonymous male, Scandinavia

Date published: 13 August 2020


This is a UFO/Alien phenomenon event.

It was in the middle of the night on 11 August 2020 when I suddenly woke up as if I knew something was present. I opened one eye and looked around the room and there it was. Standing close to my bed watching me and it said ‘You were not meant to be awake! But I saw it alright and grabbed its arm. I felt it to be cold and like slippery like a fish without the scales. When I did that, we were suddenly somewhere else. I stood in front of a huge window and it seems like I was under water. Outside the window was a shark swimming around and a quadrant bronze shinning alien-like figure with long tentacles or wire with grapy things that when opened up was like 4 claws was around the shark. It seemed like it was helping the shark that had a wound on the side. I also saw a pillar made out of marble but it was broken and stones with something green on it. Maybe an underwater city? I also saw a huge UFO with many lights at the bottom of it that went down into the water. The tiny figure was holding my hand and wanted me to follow it around. I saw that my mom and her sister was being watched by aliens. Then I saw another alien figure – also a tiny one – more brownish like (presented itself as a diplomat) – the first one was white (it presented itself as a researcher) – and I had a conversation with it through the mind. Behind that one I saw yet another kind of alien that was luring in the back and that frightened the brownish alien a bit. It said to me ‘You were not to be able to see all this’ And then I was back in my apartment. I couldn’t sleep and had to make a drawing of what I had just witnessed and that I will keep safe. My Family and I have been visited by aliens before. It goes way back in the Family.

Experience number 5:


Name: Anonymous female, Bangalore, Whitefield, India

Date published: 22 July 2020


One day I participated in a group where people were singing and playing music. I love to sing and the most wonderful feeling of love in my heart comes every time I sing to Gods praise and feel His presence in my heart. Nothing else can compare with that feeling.

We were sitting in a small group of people on the ground and suddenly rain was falling from the sky. We were allowed to sit in the Darshan Hall and continue to sing. When sitting there I could see the sky above me and suddenly God was sitting in His chair in the sky watching us perform. He was tapping His finger in a rhythm on the chair. It was a great moment. I just sat there smiling and enjoying His presence.  

Then something happened that really made me aware of His presence. Lightening started and while sitting there watching Him, I saw how the reflection of the lightening hit His body and chair on the same side as the lightning was. Then I really realized that He was sitting in the sky. What a unique moment it was. You can easily say to yourself in your mind that He is present, but when you experience that kind of moments you really realize that He is present.

Experience number 4:


Name: Author Heidi Elisabeth Hansen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Date published: 22 July 2020


God fulfil wishes! He is the life-giving force

When feeling the presence of Go within me, it sometimes feels so strong that my heart feels that it is about to burst because of the enormous amount of love. When I feel this great power and love I sometimes ask God a question, that I have been wondering about. This time the question was about how the body feels like when this force isn't present within me anymore’? I believe that God is the very breathe of life and that I am only living by His Grace and Love. If He one day say to me that now is the time to go Home, then I can't help myself wondering how it would feel like.

One day He fulfilled my wish.

I was sitting in front of my computer at work and again my thoughts were focusing on God. Again, the question arose in my mind and then something very strange happened. Suddenly, I got the feeling that the energy was leaving my body and the body was getting ice cold. At first it was as if the entire body became hot and afterwards the energy started to disappear out through my head.

For a brief moment I became scared and began to think about whether I was about to die in this moment, but inside my heart there was a calm voice telling me that I wasn't about to die, but that He was just fulfilling my wish about how the body would feel like when we die. I knew instinctively that He could withdraw His energy with an instant pull if He wanted to. The soul will be with God and when you are dead, you will no longer feel anything from this world.

Slowly, my life force was leaving my body through the head. The energy disappeared from my feet up through my body until it reached my heart and here the energy stopped disappearing. I quickly felt how the lower part of my body became totally ice cold and it almost felt like an insignificant heavy piece of meat.

The rest of the way up from my heart I felt the warm life force. A unique experience. It didn't stay there for a long time with that feeling before He once more returned the energy again down to my lower part of the body. I knew instinctively that if He had removed His energy from the heart region, the heart had stopped beating. This experience tells me, seriously, that He is the life-giving force and only through His love and mercy we live. With this knowledge and one experience richer, I continued my daily work.

Experience number 3:


Name: Author Heidi Elisabeth Hansen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Date published: 22 July 2020


I am not fond of darkness

Once, I had been out until very late in the evening and I knew that the bus could only drive me a part of the way home. The rest of the way I had to cover by foot and the thought of walking home was a little uncomfortable. I walked and thought of God and His help to protect me in the darkness. Suddenly a light appeared just above my head. A safety layer of light surrounded me and it was glowing as if I had been walking in daylight, but this light was more beautiful and safer. I could even see the tiniest rocks that were lying on the sidewalk and I was rather impressed by this light. I felt a fantastic joy and a feeling of total safety during the experience. I saw a dark figure come out from the right towards me and the creature was one of those who spread fear. It “flew’ right into a kind of invisible wall of glass and it was flattened against the that wall. I started to laugh and I laughed all the way home. It was so funny to see this creature being flattened against the light of God. And…what an incredible experience to see the light been lit up above my head as if I was walking in daylight….wow…I giggled a lot, so, if people had seen me or met me, they would have thought that I was crazy.  What a wonderful protection from God.

Experience number 2:


Name: Anonymous male, Copenhagen, Denmark

Date published: 22 July 2020

This experience shows how important it is to listen within! It is a way for God to help you avoid bad situations in life.


One late evening around midnight, I was walking together with some of my friends on the way home. Sometimes we made a short stop because we were talking a lot about role play. We love those games. Suddenly, I got an inner feeling of dread coming towards me and my friends. A feeling of cruelty and violence. I was alarmed and knew we had to leave the place where we were standing. I abruptly ended the conversation and told that I had to go. That made all my friends split ways, so nobody would be harmed. And when I started walking down the road, I saw a group of 4 people coming towards, who were very loud and they walked in the same direction where we were supposed to have been if we had continued talking and walking together. I just knew in my mind that I had avoided a conflict. It is difficult to prove that something would have happened because we avoided it. But if you know about the inner voice, your gut feeling, the 6th sense you know, that it was exactly that voice that made me made the decision to split the group.

Experience number  1:

 Name: Susi Florence, Onitario, Canada, originally from Wellington, New Zealand.

Date published: 10 July 2020


Here is her amazing experience she would like to share with the world. It is a beautiful story!

I Heard The Lord Speak


I had turned 40 and was face to face  with my Mortality. Earlier in the year, I had decided I did in fact trust in Jesus as Lord + Saviour. That afternoon I was alone in my apartment and the thought crossed my mind, 'How do I live my life now that I have accepted Jesus as Lord'.


I became transfixed. And automatically moved to the couch where I lay down. These words unfolded into my head. I was mouthing them as well...


'Never forget that you were created by Him. And try to live each day according to His Word'...


And then I was released.


I got up and wondered what 'His Word' meant. Now  many years later, I know that's another word for the Bible.