Ghost Experiences





Ghost related experiences

No matter where you go across the globe, you’re going to hear various legends about ghost stories except some of these carries significantly more weight than your average campfire story. Who hasn’t experienced the feeling of being watched, or felt a cold wind across the back of the neck on a hot summer day, or a radio suddenly playing music by itself and that the radio is not plugged in or a television suddenly starts by itself? A ghost is the soul of a dead person or animal that can appear to the living. 

Sure; many places in the world that are reputedly haunted seem more far-fetched than realistic, but some tend to make even the most hardened skeptic stop and reconsider.


There are places spread out across the globe that would freak you out if you are the one to stay in one of those haunted places. Many mark the site of horrific and traumatic deaths, either due to murder or the effects of imprisonment within dungeons or mental institutions.  It seems that the more sordid a locale’s history, the more paranormal active it is.  Most of the hauntings described in these haunted places have been very well documented by paranormal researchers.

Ghosts are rarely violent; often, they manifest their presence through any of your senses. Their presence can be seen, felt, heard, or smelled. Since ghosts are rarely violent, having one in your home should not be a big concern. Some quite several people coexist under one roof with ghosts. Not all people want to live with ghosts. A lot of people are scared of them or at least frightened, when the presence of these ghosts is felt. But, be aware of the poltergeist, they can be harmful and if you deal with one of those, please seek professional guidance to get rid of them.


Before anything else, you must make sure that the presence you have in your home is caused by a ghost. It just might be the wind that slams your doors and windows, light reflected off shiny objects that appear in your pictures, or a problem with your house's foundation that makes it shift or make loud sounds. But if all of that already has been checked out and there is nothing wrong with the house, the windows, etc. well, then your home is haunted.


Some of my ghost experiences:

In our haunted home in Slagelse, Denmark

I remembered hearing noises in the attic every single night. It was as if someone was going (moving) around up there. It was not just me, my siblings also heard it. Suddenly our doors or windows would open in the middle of the night. At first, we thought that we had forgotten to close them and made sure every night before going to bed that they were closed. But, then we experienced it anyways (regardless). It began to be a little strange with the noises and the open doors and windows. 


It was as if someone else was there with us, but none of us dared going to the attic to see for ourselves whether there was someone there or not.

My mom started to work at home taking care of other people’s children. Somehow, mom’s work triggered the incidents in the home. What we didn’t know at the time was, that the family living there before the family who fled the place, lost their mom in a tragic accident in the home due to children playing on the stairs from the first floor to ground floor. She stumbled over one of the kids and fell down and broke her neck. And the story is that she is haunting the place when small children are in the house. 

One night around 2 am I woke up and saw that my window was wide open and I knew I had closed that window before going to bed. I looked out of the window and there were no noises at all. It was so quiet that you if you had thrown out a needle you would be able to hear it land on the ground down below. Now my sense was alarmed. I knew instantly that something was going on. When I turned around I saw that the door had been opened to the hallway as well as the door to the stairs. I looked at my sister and she was sleeping softly in her bed. Then I took a long deep breath before walking to the door opening. 


I knew somehow that the ghost must be there. But where? I walked into the hallway and walked into my brother’s room and I could see the light was very strange in there as if a shadow was present. I hurried out of the room and closed the door. I looked into the kitchen and there was nothing. Then I turned to the door opening that led to the staircase. The toilet was just beside the staircase and that door was also opened. I could see into that room, but there was nothing. Suddenly, I saw a shadow walking down the stairs. It was creepy. I actually stood there waiting for the shadow to open the door to the ground floor, but nothing happened and then I understood. It was her. The ghost was there. A cold feeling came crawling up my spine and I ran into my room. I smashed the door closed and ran into bed and was hiding below my pillow and blanket. As that would help! But eventually I fell asleep. 


The next morning, I ran down the stairs and into the room where my mom and dad were and told them everything. They were just standing there and looked at me. Then my dad said “That is ok my dear girl. Now you too have experienced her.” I was shocked. What? My mom and dad had experienced her as well? We talked about it and now I knew I could tell my parents everything that was going on in the house. 


My sister and I had a classmate coming for a sleepover and we were looking forward to her visit. We behaved as every girl of that age would do and talked about the guys in school and much more. Then it was time for bed and we all fell asleep. Well, so I thought we did. But not our classmate. She was awake all through the night. The next morning my sister and I woke up to a very frightened girl. We asked if she had slept well, but that was absolutely not the case. She told that she heard all the noises in the attic and that someone opened the door to our rooms and closed it again. She was so afraid and said that she would never set foot in our house again. She rushed out the door before we even had breakfast. We were sad, because she was a good friend. 


A month later in the middle of the night my sister woke up and she walked to my room to see if I was sleeping. She had to go to the bathroom, but what she saw stopped her. She realized that I was not alone. Someone stood bent over me and was watching me very closely. She got the goosebumps and realized that it was a ghost standing there. The ghost’s head was almost touching my face. She called my name out loud and I woke up. Then my sister saw that the ghost moved away from me and the lamp in the ceiling began to move forth and back as well and the light had a strange color. Then the ghost was gone. She told me what she just witnessed. It is creepy to know that someone stood that close to me without me knowing it.


What we didn’t know was that there was more to come.


Some weeks later my sister had another experience. She had just left the ground floor to go upstairs to her room to do her homework, when she suddenly became aware while walking up the stairs that the loft hatch was opened, only around 10 inches, and that a male like figure looked down on her. That incident showed that there was more than one ghost present. My sister ran down the stairs to fetch our dad to help her. When dad came up the stairs the loft hatch was closed. He went up to the attic to see if someone was there, but there were no one present.

One late afternoon, I was working on my computer when suddenly a ghost approached me in a very unpleasant manner. I felt a truly bad attitude coming from this particular ghost. He wanted me to help him, which I normally always do. Sometimes ghosts visit me only to ask for guidance to go home to the Light and I help them to achieve that through the love of the Lord. But this one wanted it to happen by his will only. I had to reject him, because he started to scare me just to have his will happen. I refused and told him to leave and not to come back before he was more kind. He left, but only to start annoying my son. Only a few seconds had gone by before I heard my son call out to me and said “Mom you could have warned me, now the ghost is here with me.” My son didn’t know that I just had this ghost with me, but he could describe him as I saw him as well. So, the ghost was as rude to him as he was to me, so my son also sent him away.  

These are just some of the experiences. More will be under 'Shared Experiences'.