The Inner Voice - Gems of Wisdom

With my deepest respect for God, I will share some of my spiritual experiences and miracles that demonstrate how God can intervene in our daily lives. Such as helping to save a person, finding a lost child, avoiding assault, and bearing witness to things happening like a plane crash, while I was in the air at the same time.

To become aware of nature's lessons for humanity. One of these is that you and I are God and that God is the very core of our being and experiences on how God protects you. It is also about how we influence our surrounding energy fields through thoughts, words, and deeds. You can become aware of what others are saying even though they speak in a foreign tongue. To you, it sounded like your own tongue Danish, - and you suddenly understand every word they say in their tongue as if they spoke Danish…and then they confirmed what I thought I ‘have heard in Danish’. How is that possible? How you through an inner feeling know how to act without knowing how you know what to do, but just do it. That we’re all connected to God. Even though I still have much to learn and still make mistakes, I am connected with God in my spiritual heart.

I hope my real-life experiences (Gems of Wisdom) may serve other spiritual seekers like you and ease life on Earth.


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