About me


My name is Heidi Elisabeth Hansen. I am a paranormal/spiritual writer.

My first ever contact with God happened at the tender age of a 6-month-old baby.

Throughout my life, I have had countless moving miraculous events happening. I have a profound spiritual insight. The experiences I write about in my books, shown through the powerful unconscious mind deeply rooted in my connection with God, have taught me many things. One of those lessons was how to ask God correctly and in detail when something was on my mind. All my experiences have taken place and are real-life experiences. You will experience all this while reading my books.

My humble hope is that my books will take you on a journey that will hopefully positively influence your life. By listening to God, I have saved my life and my son's life. Furthermore, I found a lost boy and avoided an assault just to mention a few events. My books tell a story of a life filled with supernatural events and several people have asked me to share these experiences with the world.

These experiences are real-life stories; stories that sometimes can be a little intimidating and very scary to deal with. It is an area that has given me an insight into not being alone in this world and not being afraid of sharing the stories with you all anymore.

I hope to bring you enlightenment on your path in life so that you too will become a beacon light that others will be inspired by.

I am currently living in Korsoer (Korsør in Danish), Denmark, but have a longing to get out in the world and meet new people that can inspire me as well. My love for the world and every being is deeply rooted in my sacred innermost spiritual heart. God is present and He knows everything you think and do in life. I feel blessed to have Him in my life and to be able to share my life with you all.

I am also involved with purpleday.org as an ambassador spreading the word about Epilepsy as well as being a Dame in the Most Honorable Order of Christian Knight of the Rose, based in Canada.

Honors & Awards:

Certificate of Honor - Received on the 28th of April 2020 in recognition of outstanding achievements with Bingo Drive. Have selflessly in joint cooperation with Bingo Drive helped donate $5000,00 to the Australian Red Cross with $1.500,00 and to Canada Helps with $3.500,00. in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cross of Honor - Received 2nd January 2016 - The most Honorable Order of Christian Knights of the Rose. The title in the Order is Dame/Lady - Dame Heidi Elisabeth Hansen. I am to be knighted in September 2023 in Saskatoon, Canada on the 20th of September in a wonderful church. 

Purple Day Program - Recognition - May 2013. Her role is as an ambassador for Purpleday.org. Organisation is  based in Canada. (I stopped being active as an ambassador on the 26th March 2024 when I turned 60 years old).