A Life With Supernatural Events II

A Life With Supernatural Events II

When something strange happens, people tend to question it. When loads of people see something strange happen, then you’ve got a whole new fork in the road that you never even knew existed.

This book is a wonderful blend mixed of several paranormal encounters, or you might call them mystics/strangeness; the Universe is a math system that is also often experienced in our daily lives as well; where to find the spiritual heart in our body; God-related experiences and water connection and the unidentified submerged object (USOs)/alien crafts.  

The supernatural is defined as things that can’t be explained by nature or science and that are assumed to come from beyond or originate from otherworldly forces. My life is full of experiences with things that go beyond our imagination and I would love to share them with you. It has been with me all my life since I was a baby. I have seen so many things in life that just a few of them will get you into a sanitorium. Why I have coped with all of this throughout my life, is my strong connection with God. 

This is part II of 'A life with supernatural events' – enjoy!

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  • Sandra Watson, UK:

    A Life with Supernatural Events II  - is mind blowing.  For me, it is Heidi's gift from her heart to all of us.  God's gift that Heidi shares with us is contained within this book.  Each page is a revelation and each page is filled with humanity, hope, peace & love.  May God keep Heidi safe so that she may continue sharing God's unique messages & experiences with all of us.