A Life With Supernatural Events

A Life With Supernatural Events

This book will give you real-life stories; stories that sometimes can be a little intimidating and very scary to deal with. It is an area that has given me an insight into not being alone in this world and not being afraid of sharing the stories with you all anymore.

Most tales of paranormal activity will be waved away as nonsense, a mistake of the mind, a trick of the light, or else an outright lie. It’s easy to discredit things you don’t understand. And yet, sometimes these phenomena leave an ineffable mark on the annals of history, changing the world even if most of those living in it don’t believe they exist. My family and I have experienced many strange things over the years including the inexplicable UFOs and Ghosts.

My siblings and I lived in a haunted house while growing up and which we had to leave in the end due to haunting and then there are the countless episodes with the UFOs as well. A UFO is any aerial phenomenon that cannot immediately be identified or explained. Some ufologists and investigators prefer to use terms such as "unidentified aerial phenomenon" (UAP) and I support that therm.

I will suggest that you might see ‘Australian Skies’ from 2015 starring Damien John Nott from Down Under Australia, who is an amazing Facebook friend of mine. He inspired me to be public about my experiences as well. It wasn’t easy for me due to all the bullying I have suffered over the years related to all my supernatural experiences since I was a baby.

When something strange happens, people tend to question it. When loads of people see something strange happen, then you’ve got a whole new fork in the road that you never even knew existed.

Enjoy the book of mystery.

Reviews from readers

4 reviews:

  • Triangulum Publishing, USA - Gave 5 stars out of 5. Loved it! Heidi describes her personal encounters with UFOs, ghosts and mysterious phenomena; eye opening.
  • Enrico Favaretto, Italy:

    Dame Heidi Elisabeth Hansen's books are always inspirational, of an intensity where the narrative runs and takes you to an intriguing spiritual world but also tangible because sometimes reality exceeds fantasy, stories are always well structured and yes they read it all in one breath. I recommend reading these books so you will see life with different eyes, then they are also easy access both in buying via web, and also in the cost contained just to be read by hungry minds.

  • Sandra Watson, UK:

    An eye-opening book, crammed packed with real tales of the paranormal that have been experienced by Heidi and her family.  I so enjoyed reading this book as Heidi actually makes the point that even though supernatural experiences have been occurring for millenia, people still like to scoff and ridicule those who have experienced unusual events in their lives. Sometimes these events have shaped the people affected, some for the positive, but not always.

    Heidi shares her experiences in a down to earth manner, she somehow manages to normalise what some people would rather avoid or worse.  I would not hesitate to recommend Heidi's book: A Life With Supernatural Events.

  • Tove Johansen, Denmark:

    Fantastic well written book by Author Heidi Elisabeth Hansen. It takes you on a journey of enlightment, gaze and chills. A book you have to read. It’s THAT good!