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Why do I want you to share your experiences with me and the world?

.......... because it will inspire others on their path of spiritual development. Together we will reach the same goal. We are walking on the same Kings road towards our origin, which is God. 

.......... because someone might be out there who is in doubt of his/hers feelings and experiences and by showing them that we all have experienced, maybe even similar to this, they too will become a light beam for others on their path of spiritual enlightenment. 

Please share your experiences and enlighten the path for everyone. It is ok to post as anonymous as well.

Experiences from readers of the books/guests  visiting this website:

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Experience number : 27


Name: Heidi Elisabeth Hansen

Date published: 25th October 2022


Yesterday the 24th October, I had an experience where God intervened in my life.

I was sorting my everyday medication into small boxes for 14 dages at a time. When I reached my pills for my diabetics and stood there with the bottle in my hand God said to me 'Your medication is too old'. The last week or so, I have been feeling rather strange in my body. I even had the thought of my diabetic medication not working properly. Suddenly, I started to put food into my mouth full of sugar - that is not like me doing so. And I tought what is wrong with me? I have been so busy at home due to me moving out from my apartment.

When God said that my medication was too old, my son came through the door asking if I was alright because he saw a sign teling him something was wrong with his mom. Steffen said mom, are you alright? is it your diabetic state? I feel you are not alright and then he hugged me. That was happening silmultaniously when God told me about the medication as well.

Then, I looked at the bottle and absolutely right....the medication was too old!!! I could have gone into a diabetic shock. I am ever so grateful for God and my son <3 

Experience number : 28

Name:  Heidi Elisabeth Hansen

Date published: 11 December 2022


A little spooky experience

2 days ago I was peeling the potatoes in my zink in the kitchen when suddenly I look up just above my head and saw the lamp in the ceiling swinging from side to side, There were no wind or any windows open and I haven't touched the lamp. Oh, I said, you are here, In that split second I saw, not a ghost, but an extraterrestrial standing looking at me. It was just for 2 seconds and he was gone. His height showed me he is a tall white greyish one. Approx. a month or so ago I was told by an alien would come to visit by another alien (one of those who showed me where they live and took me to a volcano) and 2 weeks ago I saw him in my little hallway coming towards me and 2 days ago he is now here. So, what and why? When sharing this with you and I thought about him, a knock was made on my wall and again I said ok, I know you are present. It feels that he is just here watching me, maybe even protecting me. I felt his energy and it didn't feel negative in any way. People who had read my books know that this is not the first time I have been visited by extraterrestrials. No, I am not a crazy person...I have experienced a lot in that area since I was a little child - some of it with my twin sister as well as with mom and dad. I am actually moving back to the area where we saw strangeness in the night sky and where I experienced the spooky experience with our family dog when out walking...some of you what those experiences are all about.