A Life of Supernatural events part 3

In my book ‘A life with supernatural events – part 3’ I touch base with remote viewing, synchronicity, telepathy, suicidal thoughts, the continuous mysterious experiences with ghosts and aliens, the issue of our souls being contracted through God, the importance of friendship, and death as a natural part of our lives as well as the 7 senses. The 6th sense we know about, but the 7th? Is that just a new box we humans want to have something explained into or are the 6th and the 7th sense the same?

And the sudden understanding of foreign tongues English, French and German language as if they said it in Danish words to me? How was that possible? I asked if they spoke Danish, but they didn’t and they confirmed what I heard them say! Intrigued?

And how was I able to take the train when all trains had been canceled? Some of my son’s truly amazing experiences are in there as well. It is a true gift coming from our hearts to you.

Enjoy a truly fascinating mysterious book of real-life experiences.


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