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Why do I want you to share your experiences with me and the world?

.......... because it will inspire others on their path of spiritual development. Together we will reach the same goal. We are walking on the same Kings road towards our origin, which is God. 

.......... because someone might be out there who is in doubt of his/hers feelings and experiences and by showing them that we all have experienced, maybe even similar to this, they too will become a light beam for others on their path of spiritual enlightenment. 

Please share your experiences and enlighten the path for everyone. It is ok to post as anonymous as well.

Experiences from readers of the books/guests  visiting this website:

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Experience number: 18


Name: Author Heidi Elisabeth Hansen

Date published: September 2021


First experience with Asthar


Long time ago I participated in a guided group meditation where I was ‘visited’ by someone, I didn’t know. The only thing we needed to focus on, was that maybe we would see something extraordinary. It was actually the only time I was in that group, but it gave me something to think about.


I was somehow seeing kind of white rings that marks different universes and there were several rings. At the top of the rings there were suddenly someone looking back at me. He didn’t scare me and he looked very pure and had a blue kind of stone (maybe a clear light blue topaz) on the 3rd eye. It looked like a golden ring around his head and triangle on the 3. eye with the blue kind of stone. For me it meant telepathies communication. He gave me a beautiful necklace with that same kind of stone in it. Well, I think it means he shared some wisdom with me or I know him from somewhere, - like I knew the UFO’s I saw when I was 4-5 years old at grandma’s place; good old friends. Then I saw him and God standing beside each other talking and looking at me, like both of them observing me. I felt safe by seeing that. If God was talking to him like that, he must be something good and real. When returning to the room again after the meditation, the leader of the meditation said: ‘Someone here has seen Asthar. I thought ‘Who is that?’


I didn’t know anything about who Asthar was or would look like. No one responded to the leader of the meditation and I was very shy at the time but finally, I put myself together and raised my hand, saying I do not know if I have seen Asthar, but I saw someone looking at me at the end of the rings. She then asked me to share information on how he looked like and I did. He looked very young, blondish/golden hair, blue/green eyes and had the jewel on his 3rd eye. I have never seen pictures or anything about him before that episode.

Experience number : 19


Name: Author Heidi Elisabeth Hansen/Tove Elisabeth Johansen

Date published: 31 July 2021


On the 31 July 2021 around 11.30 pm my twin sister went to sleep and I was playing a game on facebook before going to bed. I always listening to her breathing to make sure she is alright, when suddenly there was a dramatic change in her breathing. I knew it instinctly that a spirit was present and was scaring her in her sleep. I turned around and called out her name and said to her ‘I am here Tove, I am here for you’ I repeated it 2-3 times and turning to God asking Him to remove the spirit at once from the premises’ in a way that Tove was safe. I felt the spirit go through me and my body was shivering from it.

My sister’s breathing normalized and then I looked straight towards my little hall way because I felt a spirit looking at me and there he was. It was a young boy dressing in a white long shirt looking like the 1890’s and he looked straight at me and then I saw his entire body. I wasn’t scared because I felt he needed my help. He was all greyish and darker around the eyes and with a hopeful look in his eyes. He didn’t say anything but I just knew he wanted to go home.

I choose to walk into my living room waiting by the window for the young boy to arrive behind me. When he entered my living room I looked to the sky and saw the Light of God shining and told the boy that he had to walk into the light and God has open His door for him. It took 2 seconds and I saw him in the golden light beam passing by me and the boy said ‘Thank you Heidi’ and I replied with a ‘bye bye little friend’. He was happy and was now with God. It is not me doing this; it is all God’s doing, so everything I do I place in His Divine hands.

I walked into my son’s room after that and he then told me he was aware there were a spirit present because he also saw a bright shining soul by his bed the night before as well. He had just forgot to mention it to me. We are always aware when they are here.

The next morning, I had a conversation with my darling twin sister about what happened and she was aware about it all. She saw something in her dreams that scared her and then she heard my voice calling out for her and that ended the dream and she could finally sleep without any further disturbances.

Experience number : 20


Name: Author Heidi Elisabeth Hansen

Date published: Year 1997/1998


My experiences with God are a continuous journey and it will last my entire life. I often experience something with God and have not been writing them down. Every experience you have with God is the Truth – the everlasting Truth and all memories attached to those experiences will be with you all your life and be as clear as crystal when thinking about them in details. 

No matter where I am I the world He is there, because He is within me. My very core of my being. So, it doesn’t matter which country I am placed. God is everywhere. 

From the Chinese palm reader in Thailand to an ashram in India to Denmark so far, I have had countless experiences that I could talk about.

In 1998 I visited a beautiful place in Bangalore, India, where I was to experience something quite unique. There were people from different countries placed there and I enjoyed the peace and happiness. One day I participated in a group where people were singing and playing music. I love to sing and the most wonderful feeling of love in my heart comes every time I sing to God’s praise and feel His presence in my heart. Nothing else can compare with that feeling.

We sang songs in English and suddenly while singing rain was falling from the sky. We were allowed to sit in the Darshan Hall and continue to sing in there. It was an open hall with no wall around it. Just pillars and a roof and floor.

When sitting there of the edge of the hall, I could see the sky above me and I realized that God was present. He was sitting in His chair in the sky watching us perform. He was tapping His finger in a rhythm on the chair. It was a great moment. I just sat there smiling and enjoying His presence. Then something happened that really made me aware of His presence. Lightening started and while sitting there watching Him, I saw how the reflection of the lightening hit His body and chair on the same side as the lightning was. Then I really realized that He was sitting there in the sky. What a unique moment it was.

You can easily say to yourself in your mind that He is present, but when you experience that kind of moment you really realize that He truly is present.

Experience number : 21


Name: Author Heidi Elisabeth Hansen

Date published: year 2010


Another experience I want to share with you is about praying for everyone on board a plane.

My son and I was travelling to India back in 2010 and we knew that we had a long flight ahead of us. We were to travel from Copenhagen, Denmark to London, UK and from there to Bangalore in South India.

I have never experienced so much turbulence before this flight and it was constantly in a turbulence all the way to India. I always pray to God for protecting whenever I travel and I use a powerful prayer, the Gayathri Mantra. I have seen it work, so I do know how powerful it is.

I said to my son, that this turbulence was so unpleasant and I wanted it to stop and get everyone on the plane safe on the ground again. When I had prayed for almost 3-4 hours God said to me: Now you have prayed for everyone on board including the pilots. The plane is safe’.

When we reached India shortly before landing, it went wild outside. There was a huge storm and the plane was shaken and pushed from side to side in the air. I took my son’s hand and squeezed it very hard and just looked at him praying for a safe landing. Finally, the plane touched base with the runway, but the back of the end of the plane lifted itself up in the air and landed hard again. The only thing we could both think of afterwards was ‘How do we get back to Denmark?’ My son and I was done flying, but we had to fly back home via UK to Copenhagen, Denmark again in three weeks’ time.

Experience number: 22


Name: Author Heidi Elisabeth Hansen

Date published: Year - late 1980´s


Don’t lie

One day I had an experience about telling a lie where God intervened in the conversation. 

There was in my home two women visiting, one was a guest for the first time. Now, the fact is that in my home on the wall in my living room hangs a picture of God. The new guest began to talk about her background and family. While she was doing that, someone was suddenly pulling my body sideways and especially my heart region. I was moved sideways in my upper body towards the picture hanging on the wall. It must have been very strange to watch.

The energy came from the picture and I knew instantly, that God wanted my full attention. When I turned my face and looked towards the picture, I got a minor shock. Both His eyes shone with a sharp white golden light and I listened. Deep in my heart He said clearly: ‘It is not true what she tells you right now and you must tell her that.’ She was telling me a lie. Without hesitation I turned my face towards her and said straight out: ‘It is not true what you tell me right now.’ Nothing more or less came out of my mouth. 

She was pretty amazed by my words. She stopped talking more about the topic and the conversation continued without any more episodes. But it was certainly an interesting lesson. God intervenes in conversations immediately if something is wrong. It was amazing. Normally, I can feel another person’s energy field and know in my heart if a person is not telling me the truth or are leading me on somehow. However, I still find myself in situations where I still need to learn to listen within carefully and I must learn to do it 100 percent. After all, it is the greatest gift of all to be able to hear the words from God and that gift should not be neglected or even abused.

I choose to tell this because lies play a crucial bad role in our society today. Who has not met a person who may have lied or heard about someone who has done it? I too have done it and I got the consequences of it called instant karma. That is why I pass on this experience and for you to remember that God knows, sees and hears everything.

Experience number : 23


Name: Author Heidi Elisaebth Hansen

Date published: May 2021


Another experience with a friend of mine who died

God teaches me of many ways also when people pass on. It is not easy to deal with death when you know the person you really care for. The experiences are about a friend of mine that chose to return home from life by taking an overdose. She couldn’t handle life anymore. She lost her daughter due to illness and that was very hard on her. I knew she used drugs from time to time, but it didn’t change the fact that she was a very dear and loving person I loved with all my heart. She never did drugs while I was with her. Her name was Janne and she will be with me in my heart for the rest of my life.

While living in Slagelse I became friends with her. I share this experience now with you all in love and respect.

When she died a couple of things happened to let me know. I was so busy at the time, that I didn’t visit her for almost 2 months and sadly within those two months she died. It broke my heart.

She came to me from the other side and I was really shocked to see her standing there looking at me from that side. I knew she had crossed over in that split second, she appeared. Before this happened, I experienced this at work:

At my work I was in charge of the death certificates, and at that particular day I had to do something else before I examined them. Then something special happened to me. In front of me I saw a kind of opening from the other side and a silver tray was pushed through a kind of letter slit which opened from the other side. The silver tray carried a message for me. It glittered with a silvery energy as the silver tray passed over from the other side. It was a death certificate with my Janna’s name on it. I just sat there for a moment and was in shock.  I pulled myself together and went back to my desk and the pile of paper of death certificates that was waiting for me to handle all of them.  The very first one, was the death certificate of her.

That night she came to me from the other side. She was unhappy and she cried. She said to me: “I am sorry Heidi, but I couldn't live any more” and I cried.  I was forced to see how she had to sit by herself in darkness and I was not allowed to help her. She had taken her own life, and that is not allowed. Her punishment was that she had to sit there for a period of time – for how long only God knew. When I tried to reach out to her, God said no Heidi. The place was very cold. She was completely crouched and sobbing. I really cried for a long time after that vision of her.

A few days later she came back to me. This time to say goodbye. She said that she loved me and that she would never meet me again and then she said goodbye and left me.

Experience number : 24


Name: Author Heidi Elisabeth Hansen

Date published: Year 2003


Two times God has been singing in my heart. The second one I have told you about was when he saved me from becoming a victim of an assault - (He sang in my heart was when I avoided an assualt when carrying grocery bags through the city and I was to become a victim of an assualt)The first one happening was actually before the one I have shared with you already.


Without the adoration of the heart for the Divine, the attempt of the will to search and the thirst to feel for something infinitely higher, human nature lacks the strength needed to carry it through the worldly sufferings, to transcend itself to a place of peace, in order to enable it to reach the highest goal.

Thus, a Spiritual Master can inspire sincere seekers to follow this great call to reach for the Divine and to persist until that goal has been obtained.

After a long wonderful day spent with thousands of other spiritual seekers from different cultures of the world in an Ashram in India, I lay down in my bed tired and full of beautiful energies. About nine o’clock that night, I slept like a rock. I woke up very early in the morning without the alarm clock ringing and the reason why – it was because of my heart. It was singing with love. And I do really mean sang with words and music. The heart sang a very beautiful song “Lord God within my heart, Lord God within’ and this particular line repeated itself many times. If I tried to say something physically with my mouth, nothing came out, because the intense energy from the heart “stopped’ my flow of speech and I lay down again and just enjoyed the beautiful song. It was the most beautiful feeling I have ever felt in my heart, since my contact with God in the heart had seriously started. It was a solid proof of His presence in my heart.

That particular song, I have been singing many times over the years and it was finally recorded by a dear friend of mine, who re-created the music and made me sing in front of a microphone in his apartment. It is out there on YouTube called’ Lord God within my heart, Lord God within sung by Dame Heidi Elisabeth Hansen. That song means everything to me. Because it is a confirmation of God’s presence in my spiritual heart.

Experience number : 25


Name: Author Heidi Elisabeth Hansen

Date published: 14 July 2021


Where the spiritual heart is placed in your body

God is present with us all the time. We need not wait for a particular time or place to contemplate on Him. Since our heart is His abode, we should strive to keep it pure and clean by not allowing the dirt of evil feelings like anger, jealousy and hatred to enter there.

I have always known about the spiritual heart, but tonight 18.44 pm on the 14 July 2021 while writing about it, I realized the fact and understood where the spiritual heart actually is placed and when I touched the area, I felt an inner confirmation from God and I was filled with the most beautiful feeling of bliss and love in that moment. Finally, I know where it is precisely. What a gift He has just given to me.

There is an unseen channel connecting the brain and the spiritual heart. If the channel is clear and uncluttered, brain and heart can and do act in perfect harmony and unison.

That is why God always says to me what you think and what you say must be one. Your mind can’t think of bananas and you then utter apples. Then there are no harmonies. When God is the One guiding you, there will be oneness. There is a need to be a balance between mind and spiritual heart.

The energy called love is so powerful that it literally provides the momentum that makes this planet spin on its axis. Love is rain, sun, wind and cloud. Love is the power that sings and dances, pushes a pen or a paintbrush, sweeps the floor, plants the tree, comforts the child, feeds the hungry.

Sound and word arise from the spiritual heart, powered by the breath. The state of the heart determines the genuineness or the falseness of the feelings one expresses to the other.

Knowledge of God within the spiritual heart, will enhance our ability to make the right decisions and conclusions in this lifetime of lifetimes, when we have God’s guidance with us always, at any time, in any situation, place or circumstance.

If we listen to His Inner Voice which emanates from the spiritual heart it is accessible in both the deepest silence or in the noisiest of streets. He always, always, always counsels speaking softly and sweetly. It can be an instantaneous answer, or it may take some time to hear that Voice Within.

When we are able to feel and exhibit compassion, our heart will become soft as butter, hard as a diamond. It should be able to melt with compassion but hard enough to withstand such assaults as trickery, deception, cruel words, and taunts by others, hardship, illness, being cheated, and the temptation for wrongdoing.

God has explained that we have two hearts. Heart on the left is a pump. Its duty is to pump the blood. Heart on left is full of desires; desires lodge in the muscle tissue of the heart and cause you pain. Too much pain brings heart problems and circulation difficulties. “To the right of the physical heart is the spiritual heart.” God pointed to the center of His chest about seven inches directly below His Adam’s apple. (That is 17,78 cm).

“It is atomic in size. It is the only point of positive energy in the body. God leaned forward, and repeatedly touching the center of His chest said, “Consciousness is God. Find Me Here. I live in your spiritual heart. I am in front of you, behind you, beside you; I am all around you. I am always with you.” Even he, who you were treating as your worst enemy, has the self-same light in his inner heart. Know that that same Divine Flame or light, is inside us all’.

“Within the body, purified by Breath and Fire of Love resides the Spiritual Heart, atomic in size.” - Srimad Bhagavatham

Experience number : 26


Name: Author Heidi Elisabeth Hansen

Date published: Summer 2019


Close encounter during summer 2019

Aliens visited my apartment during the night back in 2019 when my twin sister Tove was visiting me during the summer. She always sleeps beside me, when she is here. One night we were visited by 3 greenish aliens.

We were asleep when suddenly something touched my knee cap quite hard and it hurt so much that I rose from sleep to a sitting position in bed looking straight at the area from where it came from. At first, I could not see them, but I knew they were right there by the window in my bedroom. I looked at the picture of God and then looked at ‘them’ again. I knew that something was present. When they touched my knee cap someone said loudly ’We can’t touch her. She is touched by God’. I ‘heard’ it loud and clear in my mind.

I turned to my twin sister and then I saw something strange indeed. She rotated around herself in a white energy field. Immediately I had my son in my thoughts and I saw that he did the exact same thing. He was also rotating around his own axil. Then I looked at my twin sister again just to see the same thing going on. I looked at the spot where I felt someone where standing looking/observing me. The strange thing though was that I felt peace when all of this happened and I also felt safe. Why and how I was able to lay down again to sleep I do not know.

The first thing in the morning was to ask God who the visitors were. I knew somehow. My consciousness told me they were aliens. He showed me the three greenish aliens standing there watching me. One of the aliens was still present. He was watching me talking to God. He looked at me and turned his face towards the picture of God on the wall and looked at me again. He wasn’t able to touch me. Why I was able to see this can only be by the help from God. Why didn’t I scream when seeing the aliens in my apartment? I do not know. I felt safe. Lots of questions went through my mind that morning.