A place for inspiration and real-life experiences with God/The Master of the Universe/Holy Spirit, The Supreme.

My name is Heidi Elisabeth Hansen and is a published paranormal/spiritual author with several books already released. 

This website is dedicated to those books and all the amazing supernatural experiences happening in life as well as the most important thing in life - Contact/Connection with God.

My first ever contact with God happened at the tender age of a 6-month-old baby.

Throughout my life, I have had countless moving miraculous events happening. The experiences I write about in my books, shown through the powerful unconscious mind deeply rooted in my connection with God, have taught me many things. One of those lessons was how to ask God correctly and in detail when something was on my mind. It is all about listening within. All my experiences are real-life experiences and they are in areas regarding extraterrestrials, ghosts/spirits, angels, and much more. It is my humble hope in my heart that my books and my website will take you on a journey that will hopefully positively influence your life.

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