God intervenes

When God intervenes

He knows your past, your present, and your entire future.”

When He comes to you in your dreams or answers your prayers, rejoice! He is there to tell you something important. It is an intervention in your life, so it is important to listen to Him.

Here are some of the interventions He has made in my life so far:

  • God pushed me into safety
  • The lost boy
  • My son saved from death
  • Heart problem
  • Found my son trapped on a staircase
  • At the beach with a friend
  • Didn’t catch the last bus
  • The little reindeer
  • The black bicycle


    God pushed me into safety

    I was taking a walk and my head was filled with endless thoughts of my final decision to divorce my husband. I needed to be outside in the fresh air. I was somewhat confused; nevertheless, I had made the decision and I was certain that this was the best for my son and me. I made my decision after I had had a conversation with God. I had asked Him as He was appearing in front of me in my own home in Denmark in 1996. I had asked Him if I should divorce my husband and He said: ‘Yes, there is no more Karma between you and your husband. Go; go on with your life. It is finished. I knew in my heart that God told me the truth. He is the all-knowing God.

    He had already told me on our Wedding Day. On my way out of the Church, He said: ‘Well, now you have tried it – now you have been married – so now you can leave’. ‘No’, a voice inside me screamed. ‘You know my morals. Only marry once and then never again.’ I left the Church very disoriented and confused. God later told me that my marriage was the fulfillment of a strong wish of mine. I had such a strong urge and wish for a church marriage and He had fulfilled my wish. I strongly recommend that you consider your wishes carefully. You might get what you wish for.

    Well, back to my walk. It was a beautiful warm and sunny day. I was about to cross the road. From a far distance, I heard a sound like a car moving at a very high speed. However, the traffic light was green and I could cross the road. Moving into the road, I suddenly felt the push of a gigantic hand which Trust your heart connection with the Lord touched me from head to toe. It covered my entire body. I could feel the hand very clearly and stopped thinking as it pushed me along. It was like I was running and being pushed. I struggled somewhat against it. Because – What was it … what was pushing me? It must have looked very strange.

    By the way, I had a very strange dream during the night leading up to this event….I saw an ambulance approaching me at very high speed turning away in the split second before it hit me.

    The hand felt as if I was leaning back on something, which was invisible, nevertheless, the hand was there. It ‘pushed’ me into safety in the waiting space in the middle of the road where you await the lights turning green again. I was in shock. At the very moment I was safe, a car came around the corner at very high speed just an inch from hitting me from where I was standing. The driver was shocked to see that he had nearly hit me. He had not expected anyone to be there when he turned around the corner, and suddenly I stood in front of him. I pondered for a while looking as the car disappeared again and knew: ‘I could have been killed. If he had hit me at this very high speed, I would not have survived.”

    Later, the thoughts just overwhelmed my mind. What and who was it? Who had helped me cross the road? And I realized that it could only have been God Himself. That big hand and the power by which I was pushed – there was no doubt in my heart.

    It was God who had saved my life. My heart was bursting with love and gratitude to God. Tears ran down my cheeks.

    It felt as if the final decision about my divorce from my husband saved my life. If I had decided to stay in my marriage, the car would have hit me and killed me.

    God’s power is tremendous, enormous, and omnipotent. It is beyond humans to understand. To think that He is everywhere at the same time and knows exactly our individual needs.

    The Lost Boy

    One evening a family who originated from India and Sri Lanka came and asked for help to find their eldest son who was mentally disabled. He had left home to visit a good friend, but he had not returned home. Somehow, he’d lost his way on his way to a friend’s house and had wandered off in another direction. Nobody knew where. The family was desperate and very unhappy. They looked me up and I offered my help and came back together with them at their home. More people had gathered to help with the search. Some stayed home by the phone, should the police want to contact us. First, there was another Danish girl who talked with the police and afterward, I took over. I had the cell phone with me so that I could reach the daughter in the family who was left behind when we were out searching.

    We were a group of 5-6 people and sometimes we had to split up and search in every direction to try and find the boy. The police got a hint from some people who had phoned the police about a dark-skinned young boy going around asking for food and something to drink. So, the police thought he could be in a residential area far away from his home. He was in one of the city’s bad areas.

    After searching for him for almost 3 hours, everyone was tired and we were freezing. Most of all I thought about the young man. He was a slightly thin guy. I knew he would freeze terribly. I worried that he would lie down somewhere outside to sleep, and it might kill him because of the freezing temperature. I feared that he was wandering out on the fields behind the residential area in the bad part of the city. The area was huge and he had dark skin, so it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack and we were not able to see him. We kept together in small groups, but we had no luck finding him.

    We became very desperate. We went back to the home of the family in case he had returned home in the meantime. But no, once again I talked with the police on the phone and told them the status so far. We continued the search again. We searched and searched and the time, now, was almost midnight. It was a Saturday evening and everyone was partying in the center of the city, so the police had their hands full with drunken people and therefore, we were on our own trying to find him. The police were very sad they couldn’t help out.

    We looked at each other and you could feel the pressure of tears. A hopeless feeling was spreading among us all.

    Several of us talked about going home and letting the police deal with the search, but I said very firmly, ‘No. The police haven’t got the time and he will freeze to death if we don’t find him. They looked at me and then we jumped into the car and drove around in the neighborhood where I finally prayed to God. ‘Dear God, now you simply must help me find this boy, I beg you’.  Then He answered: ‘I will help you.’ In that split second, He showed me a light beam, that came out of nowhere and drew almost a road through the area for me. Promptly, I said. ‘Stop the car!’ I have to get out here. 

    The father stopped the car immediately. I got out of the car and ran like the devil was on my tail in that direction God had shown me. Just behind me the mother, too, was following me. She asked if I knew where to go and I just said ‘Yes’ and we kept on running. Normally, I can’t run and especially not after I have become overweight, but that day, my legs didn’t care about being overweight and I had a force inside me so strong that I just felt I was being led the way by God.

    Then I came to the end of the light beam and yes, I was standing by the fields behind the residential area. And it was a pitch-black night. You couldn’t see far in the dark, but I sensed that I had to be right there standing where I was. Then my lungs were filled with an enormous power and I “shouted’ out his name out into the dark. At first, there was just silence. Everybody was standing and listening for just a little sound. But nothing. There was no sound at all. I wanted to take another step, but God prevented me from doing that and the force once again came forth from inside of me and I “yelled,’ even more loudly this time. And finally, there was a weak voice who answered the name I was calling.

    It felt like everything in that minute was liberated. The tension, the anxiety, the nervousness, the cry, and the joy came forth in full bloom. It was him. We ran in the direction from where the voice was coming from and then we found the boy. He was exhausted and very tired. He had put himself to sleep in a playhouse on the school’s premises that were located on the edge of the open field. Do I need to tell you what joy that followed? We all cried and laughed and hugged him. So, God once again was helping. It is so unique.

    My son was saved from death

    I once was put in a situation where I was forced to let go of my motherly bond towards my son. It was a lesson in objectivity. I had to save my son from death. One evening I got a visit from "death", which is God too and I was aware that it concerned my son. He told me to concentrate on my son. I was all ears. I immediately hugged him very closely, but suddenly there came a message from deep within "Let go of him. You have to be objective and not show your fear". I let go of my son and sent him to his room to play. By now, I was alarmed even more.  

    I had been permitted to take the necessary action as revealed. This was quite in contrast to earlier situations where my role was only to witness and not participate. Well, it is the toughest situation to be objective in.

    That evening I put him into bed and made sure in every possible way that everything was fine when I left him and sat down in the living room again. The next evening my son was playing as usual and again I sat down on the sofa watching the news. When my son got tired he said that he wanted to go to bed on his own. I fell asleep in front of the television. Suddenly, I was pulled out of the sofa by a very strong invisible force and immediately I knew that something was wrong.


    I was aware of what I had to do without really knowing anything about the emergency. It was now or never. I rushed into my son’s room, grabbed him, and shook him up so that he woke up making it possible for me to put my fingers into his mouth and pulled them out quickly. He mumbled in his sleep ‘What are you doing Mom?’ and I told him to go back to sleep and that everything was alright now.

    When I walked out the door of the room, I opened my palm to find a large piece of chewing gum that would have, without a doubt, choked him during the night. Looking at the size, a shiver ran down my spine. I knew that this was the reason why I had to be acting objectively. I didn't have to think about the situation or act differently, go into a panic, or whatever because I was completely "controlled". I was aware of my role in the situation without knowing what had to be removed from his mouth. I just knew what to do. What an experience. Only by the Lord’s Grace, I was able to act in the way He wanted me to.


    Heart problem

    Some years ago, before I moved to the Capitol, I experienced help from God which was amazing. I woke up in the middle of the night because someone was pushing me down on my bed very hard. It was as if there were two hands on my chest pushing me down. I was too scared to even open my eyes. I felt a terrible pain in my chest and I could hardly breathe. Who was it? My young son was not capable of this. Whoever it was kept on pushing me downwards and I was really scared now. Finally, I opened my eyes but there was no one there, but it continued. Only then did I realize that it was God giving me a cardiac massage? My heart had stopped and He was helping me through it so that I could survive the attack. What an amazing experience it was! This was one of the many times He saved my life.

    Found my son trapped on a staircase

    Yet another experience I want to share with you includes my son. Today he is 26 years old. At the time of the experience, he was 8 years old.

    Found my son trapped on a staircase. 

    A friend of mine was visiting me. She had just returned home from India and she was telling me all about the interesting adventures she had experienced during her stay there when I was suddenly interrupted in the middle of our conversation by an urgent feeling that something was calling for my help. I interrupted our conversation immediately and rose to my feet saying: “My son needs me. He is out playing. I have to go now.” “Of course,” she responded surprised by this interruption. I raced down the stairs because inside me I felt my son calling for my help.

    I felt the energy inside me controlling my path around the buildings. I had no idea where he was but suddenly the energy inside me stopped and thus, I stopped. In front of me, I did not see any children. Then I looked through the glass door to the stairway of the building where God had stopped my path and there he was. There he was, my son. He was standing on the railing, balancing with his hands in the air holding on to the bottom of the railing of the next staircase. He was not able to climb down on his own. He was abandoned. The children he had been playing with had just laughed at him and then left him there to go out and play again. They had not bothered to help him down. He was miserable and he had started yelling for me. This was the signal I had been intercepting.

    If he had let go of his grip, he would have fallen down the stairs to the basement. It would have meant catastrophe. Therefore, my son held desperately onto the railing above his head. He was so happy to see me and he just screamed: “Mum”. And then the tears started rolling down his cheeks. Quickly I helped him down and held him close to me. He was shaking all over. When he had recovered a little, he looked up at me and said: “How did you know, mum? How did you do that? How did you know where I was and that I needed your help?” Without hesitance I answered: “God showed me the way to you”. This was the exact moment when my son realized that God existed even though he had known before this incident as well. But this gave him physical evidence of God's help and how it works in the real world. “Is that so Mum? he said. “Now I also have to learn to pray for His help.”

    At the beach with a friend

    The Lord has intervened in my life several times throughout life and the next experience is also a story about one of these times. The experience took place by the beach not far from the city of Naestved, Denmark where I was out walking together with a dear friend of mine enjoying the fresh air.

    I always feel some connection with the water and the waves make me feel calm and peaceful. Suddenly I looked to the sky and saw that a storm was closing in on us. The rumble in the sky came closer and you could see lightning hit the water's surface. We knew that we had to go back to the car immediately to safety. 

    We walked at a normal pace and suddenly I saw God. He walked with his feet on the ground, but rose among the clouds and pushed them away in front of Him. It was incredible to watch. Wow, He was huge! He pushed the clouds away from us. I saw how the lightning was flashing in the clouds which God was pushing away from us telling us to hurry into safety. The seriousness, with which it was said, left no doubt. We ran to a shelter that could prevent the rain from pouring down on us and He pushed the clouds with lightning away from the shelter. We were talking about what was happening. My friend sensed God just as clearly as when He talks to me, so it was an interesting situation we had ended up in. We could share the experience. 

    After some minutes there was a pause in the rain and we were standing considering whether to walk the distance to the car or to stay where we were. And promptly the answer came from God telling us that it was not over yet and we had to stay put. The storm crashed again. Suddenly He said: ‘Now. You must hurry. Get into the car to safety. We ran. My friend stopped just a second and stared out to sea, and immediately came the order again: ‘Go, go on. Get yourself to safety!’ And then we ran the rest of the way up to the car. When we got into the car, the storm started again. We were now safe from the lightning and then God disappeared. 

    Didn’t catch the last bus

    Usually, I always went home on the last bus when I visited my friend.  The schedule was such that it always stopped right in the town center not far from where I lived then. The walk from the bus was only 2 minutes from the stop to my house. My friend and her family lived in the suburbs a few kilometers from the town center and it was rather important to catch the last bus. Sometimes I also went there on my bike, but when the nights got colder and darker, I usually caught the bus home.

    That night the bus passed right by me. It had never happened before. Now I had to walk all the way home. Luckily, it was a fine night. However, it was quite late before I reached my destination. As I walked, I wondered why this had happened – why had it happened this particular night? I was aware that a lot of things happen for a particular reason and again I did not have to wait long to receive an answer.

    The next day when I opened the newspaper, I read that at exactly my bus stop in the town center, a terrible assault had taken place. Right at that stop where I used to get off the bus – this person had gotten off the bus. I felt cold shivers running down my back. It was an unpleasant indescribable feeling that ran through me. I could have been the one that was assaulted. This was why I had to lose my bus. I was not the one in line this time. But why did this other person have to suffer? It had been a stabbing. My friend's family contacted me right away to hear if I was safe. I was – however, I could not help thinking about this other person who had been stabbed. My ticket had not been drawn. From what I remember the person luckily survived the assault, however suffering permanently from the injuries. This was a special incident. Once more I was being very well looked after.

    The little reindeer

    The next one I will share with you is an experience I had together with my dear Swedish friend.

    She was living in a monastery that had been changed into small apartments for people to rent. She enjoyed very much living there. She had her garden and a lovely apartment.

    One day when I visited her, we went into the woods to get some exercise. It was a cloudy day and there was a mist and it was a little cold, but great weather to walk outside.

    We went a little astray, but God guided us and it was as if we were led to the spot where we found the deer. We did not know where we were, but later it turned out that we were just an inch from the monastery. We looked around and I saw this little reindeer, which was stuck in a metal fence. My friend went to the little reindeer while I stood on the path and prayed to God for help to be able to release the reindeer. We could hear mother reindeer very close to us, so we had to get the little one out fast. I went over to my friend.  First, she got one leg free and then the other. I was at her side when it happened and finally, we got it free.

    Afterward, I asked God to show us the way back to the monastery and we went further along the path which none of us knew. And here we found out we were just behind the monastery.

    The black bicycle

    One day on my way back home after I had been out shopping, I was walking with four bags full of groceries that were very heavy and at the same time, I also carried my bag from work. It was very difficult for me to even move my body forward. I only took a few steps and had to stop to gain strength to be able to continue. I turned my consciousness towards God and asked Him for help with my grocery bags. I said: “Dear God I need your help to deal with these bags of groceries. They are simply too heavy for me. I could use a bicycle so that the bags could be placed on the handlebars and I could walk home without any troubles.” At that second, I saw in a vision a black bicycle passing me. When I got that vision, I immediately said to God: “Yes, exactly, just a bicycle. It would help a lot.” “Ok”, God replied.

    Two seconds after this conversation took place a sweet dear voice made a slight cough behind me. Immediately, I recognized the voice. It was one of my dear “students” (at the time I taught foreigners different subjects in my spare time so that they were able to express themselves in perfect Danish). Coincidently, she came up to me riding her black bicycle! Instantly she offered to carry my bags of groceries on her handlebars so that I didn’t have to carry them anymore. I stopped and began to laugh and was utterly grateful. I then said thank you to God, because He helped me instantly. When she asked why I laughed I told her, that I had just talked with God and asked for His help, and before my inner vision I saw a picture of a black bicycle. Then she laughed and said: “It is amazing.” And it is exactly that.